You Are Enough


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You are enough.

You have enough.

You do enough.


I repeat this sometimes in my yoga classes and allow it to wash over everyone. I also repeat it to myself when I get caught up in any feeling of lack.

Through my life coaching and yoga teaching I have noticed the biggest way of thinking that can hold us back from feeling inner peace is a feeling of not enough. Whether it’s not being good enough, not having enough or not doing enough.

Where has this come from in our lives? I am sure we were not born wondering if we were good enough for our parents to love us!

I blame school, family (without them even being aware sometimes) , the shops with a never ending amount of toys for a child to want more of, how mean children can be to each other without even realising the damage they cause…..and again school!

I remember my school reports where always along the lines of “could work harder”! I was teased about my “carrot top hair” and have an extremely embarrassing memory of my cousins sat in the front row of the school play laughing at me as I sang a solo! All quite funny now but as a child we take these things so seriously and to heart.

Our childhood forms our beliefs. As a child you do not have the wisdom to see things rationally, you make everything mean something about yourself (even something like why your parents split up!). Yet we carry these damaging beliefs and behaviour patterns into our adult life. Unless we knock them down they will continue to have control over how we feel about our selves and how we are in life.

So my message to you today if you are one of the many people I have spoken to who feel they are not good enough at yoga (which I think is probably most people)….or are not practising enough, or flexible enough, or strong enough, or are any not enough in any area of your life…..

Please know

You are enough

You have enough

You do enough

Where you are at right now is perfect, you have all you need and nothing is missing.

Just contemplate that whilst sitting in the sun today ­čÖé

If you’d like some help knocking down any beliefs holding you back please do get in touch to discuss how I can help through yoga therapy and /or life coaching. ┬á