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“I feel so lucky to have discovered your yoga classes. I have searched a long time to find the right class and I have never experienced a class quite like yours. You have a unique way of creating an energising, relaxing and inspiring class each week. The chakra workshop was the most amazing class” Hannah

2nd February – Deep Rest Winter Yin workshop at Revitalise, Brighton. 2-5pm. (Booking through me! louise@createyourself.co.uk) £27 in advance/ £30 on day.

7th February – Yin and Sound Bath to raise money for the Wildlife in Australia (I’m donating profits to WIRES) at Salt Water Studios in Worthing. 7-9pm. £18 in advance/ £20 on day.

1st March – Spring Yin workshop and Sound Bath at Revitalise Brighton. 2-5pm. (Booking through me!) £27 in advance/ £30 on day.

6th March – Yin and Yoga Nidra session at Salt Water Studios 7-9pm. £18 in advance/ £20 on day.

Find Yin Yang Balance This Spring weekend – Yin & Acupuncture

14th (10am-12.30pm) & 15th March (3-5.30pm) Salt Water Studio, Worthing.

A weekend of 2 complementary workshops with acupuncturist Anne-Marie Fouche and Yoga teacher Louise Windsor focusing on supporting our Yin and Yang energies.

​Each workshop integrates a unique blend of yoga, acupuncture and qigong meditation, all thoughtfully selected to support the tone of the day and to enhance the beneficial effects of each other.


Saturday morning’s “yang” workshop aims to ease any feelings of depression, low energy and general flatness and leave you feeling energised, uplifted and focused for the activity of the weekend ahead.

Sunday morning’s “yin” afternoon will help you wind down at the end of the day, reduce any tension, anxiety and stress, prepare for restorative and peaceful sleep, and support you to feel replenished and ready to take on a new week.

Cost: £60 for both sessions or £35 each. Limited to 10 places.

Booking via: www.tasteofspace.co.uk

29th March – Spring Yin workshop at Yoga Garden, Horsham. 10.30am -1.30pm (Booking through Yoga Garden) NEARLY FULL!!

Feedback from a yin workshop:
“Just to say: this was the slowest, deepest and physically effortless Yoga workshop ever. I felt exquisitely calm all day Sunday – in fact, the sense of quiet seemed to deepen even more. What a miraculous process!” Ruth

If you are interested in immersing yourself more in Yin Yoga you might be interested in Louise’s Yin Teacher Training courses in Brighton and Goa.


Yoga for a Peaceful MindIndia2012 011

“Today more than at any other time in the history of humanity, people in the West are facing tensions & stresses beyond their control….Yoga, the oldest science of life, can teach you to bring stress under control – not only on a physical level, but on mental and spiritual levels too.” – Swami Vishnu Devananda (India)

Introducing Yoga for a Peaceful Mind – a 6 week course.

This will be a deeply relaxing & meditative course. An opportunity to wind down, let go & learn tools to manage stress (and any other upsets) throughout daily life.

**** Next course TBC****

Please book in advance through me: louise@createyourself.co.uk/ 07779 150886

4 week course – £32 or drop in £10 a session (call me first though to check there is space to drop in, then if you want to join the course after, you can do so at the discounted rate if you prepay)

Yoga Tree

Centre yourself


How To Centre Yourself
A useful tool in times of stress.

1. Feel your connection to the earth, bring awareness to your feet and sitting bones, if you are seated. Straighten your spine as if pulling energy up from the earth right up to the crown of your head.

2. Breathe long slow deep belly breaths. Make the out breath longer and as you exhale let go.

3. Relax the middle line of your body; between your eye brows, your mouth, tongue, jaw and finally your belly.

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