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Reclaim Your Power!

I am running my third yoga workshop this weekend based on our natural energy centres, the chakras. This time we are focusing on our solar plexus which is in our stomach. The energy of the solar plexus is feeling a sense of power around who we are, what our unique gifts and talents are, having clear intentions of what we want to create in our lives and then surrendering, trusting that it will all work out just fine.

If the energy is low in this area we can feel fear, doubts and others can have power over us. Compliments are brushed aside and gratitude for things we have done is dismissed. We can feel ineffectual and stuck.

If the energy is too high and our sense of self is so heightened that we feel more important than others then we can find ourselves being controlling, dominating and trying to force ourselves through life.

When our energy is balanced in this area we feel in control of our lives, we are creating what we want and we have a strong sense of who we are. We feel empowered and courageous. We acknowledge that everyone else has their own strengths and purpose in life, we respect that and in that state we can speak our truth to people with out any fear of judgement, rejection or need for control.

Deepak Chopra relates this chakra to the law of intention. That is that everything is energy and where we place our focus change occurs. For intentions to be powerful and materialise in our lives there also needs to be surrender. It’s important to be very clear what your intentions are and then to let go. To trust that they will happen in their own way. When you try to force something to happen you risk pushing it further away.

When your energy is flowing through your solar plexus you have this graceful power where you know what you want in your life, you have a strong sense of self but rather than forcing things you glide effortlessly through life dealing with what ever it throws at you.

Here are a few things you can do to connect with your solar plexus:

Make a list of:

3 of your biggest achievements
3 things you are proud of yourself for
3 things you admire about yourself
3 things some you know loves about you
3 things someone you work with admires in you

Close eyes and go back to a really happy positive time, remember what you felt, saw, heard? – Then list 3 things you were saying to yourself.

Look into the future; imagine you have achieved all you want to and what you are seeing, hearing, feeling in this moment. Write down your intentions and desires & 3 things you will be saying to yourself once you have achieved them.

Take time to reflect over these words. They are all part of who you are.

Write your intention clearly somewhere, maybe on a post it note that will catch your eye through out the day.

Then surrender. Trust it’s out there, you have sent the energy of your desire into the universe and trust the outcome, what ever it is.

Surrendering doesn’t mean sitting back and doing nothing though, every day take at least one action towards your intention but with a sense of freedom around it, no pressure or force. Enjoy the process, enjoy each step.

We are all completely unique, like snowflakes. We all have different dreams, different gifts, different lives ahead of us. When we get caught up in comparing ourselves with others we minimise ourselves, we are simply living by someone else’s dream and in that way can only ever be like them. We have our own path to live though.

Take time to connect with who you are, all your amazing qualities and know that you have a place in this world. A place to shine and to experience life at it’s fullest exactly how you want it to be, not by someone else’s standard.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend!