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What Is Your Intention This Easter?


birFor those that come to my yoga classes they’ll know I like to set an intention, a focus, for each class. I am a big fan of intention, if fact so much so I am writing a book about it!

The most common meaning of intention is having a goal or purpose. It can also mean to choose the way you are being through your thoughts and behaviour. So it’s like having a purpose to the way you are being. Choosing your experience of life.

For example – you can choose to be loving in everything you do. You can choose to be playful, creative, daring, kind, generous, or to do everything different and break habits.

When we set goals in life we do do because we want to feel something at the end of it. You may say “when I achieve X I will feel X”. With setting an intention you can choose how you want to feel now and then focus on being that now.

Of course you can also set your intention for something specific too, a goal, focusing on what you want helps you to draw it into your life. I recommend setting the intention for the goal and then focusing on being how you will feel once you have achieved the goal now. For example if your goal is to find a partner then I suggest being loving in everything you do now.

So…..we have a 4 day weekend ahead of us, yay! What is your intention for it?

What would really nourish you? Revitalise you? Make your heart sing?

I am off to a yoga festival and while I am there my intention is to completely switch off, relax and celebrate having reached an important work deadline this week, sending off my book proposal!

What is yours?

A great way to start the day and set your intention is to:

Inhale (through your nose) your arms above your head – bringing palms together in prayer

Exhale them down the mid line of your body (through your mouth letting out a HAAAAA sound)

Inhale, palms facing up, above your head again and repeat the cycle 10 times.

As you breathe in think of your intention, what you would like to create in your life.

As you exhale think of what you want to let go of.

Happy Easter!

Louise x

PS there will be no yoga classes over Easter, I start again next Wednesday at Revitalise in Hove 7.30-9pm.

There are 3 weeks left of the Yoga for a Peaceful Mind course from next week, If you would like to join in on the last 3 sessions and take advantage of a discount I am offering them pre paid for £25.50 instead of £30. Please contact me if you’d like to book!