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Listen To What You Need From Yoga

peacefulmindI like to practice vinaysa flow

I like to practice yin yoga

I also love hot yoga

Every now and then I enjoy ashtanga

Sometimes I just like to lie on the floor in constructive rest pose (on back with knees bent), or with my legs up the wall or just lying listening to a guided yoga nidra.

Some days, just sitting on the beach, watching the waves and paying attention to my breath is bliss.

Most days I take at least 15 minutes to just sit in silence, practising what ever type of meditation feels right for me that day.

It all depends on what I feel like I need that day.

Yoga means union, it brings our mind, body, breath and connection with our higher conscious all together as one. So practising yoga means listening to what you need right now. If your body is exhausted, if you are feeling stressed, but yet your mind is forcing you to push ahead and do a more dynamic practice then you are not really being fully unified with all parts of you. The same as being full of beans and making yourself try to do a more slower meditative practice, which will be much harder with energy coursing through your body.

Whilst it’s good to deepen you knowledge and practice through practising one style of yoga it’s also perfectly ok to practice other styles too. I think it’s healthy to try different styles and then pick the one that is right for you that day. Even though I mainly teach vinyasa flow I know for me I would not practice it every single day, it’s important for me to mix it with a more restful restorative style too, which is why I also love to teach my “Yoga for a Peaceful Mind” classes.

Each day take a moment to check in with how you are feeling; what your energy levels are like, how your body physically is and how your emotions are. Then ask yourself honestly what do I really need today? How could I be loving to myself? Then pick your yoga practice from there.

This is all part of practising the Yoga Sutra “Yama’s” or social rules of conduct. Specifically “Ahimsa” or non violence and “Satya” truthfulness. Being honest and kind to yourself.