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The Power of Visualisation

brightonBefore moving to Brighton I had wanted to live here for about 8 years. A few years before making the move from London I had been down here on a life coaching course, where I told everyone there this was it, I was going to make it happen. I bought a postcard of the pier to have a visual representation of my dream and stuck in on my wardrobe along with a photo of myself with all my friends on the beach here one summer.

Every day I would look at these pictures when I was getting dressed, imagining how my life would be living there.

Eventually it came the time to move and I was getting ready to come to view properties in the area. I took time to visualise my dream flat. It was going to have huge windows, be full of day light and be in one of the roads off the seafront. As soon as I saw the flat I am living in now I knew it was the one I had seen in my mind.

This is just an example of the power of visualisation.

We have a part of our brain called the Reticular Activating System which is the part that makes you spot things that are in the front of your consciousness. For example you are looking to buy a new car and suddenly you see everyone driving the one you want.

So when you start to visualise and allow yourself to day dream about what you really want in your life, you are more like to notice ways to make it happen. Opportunities will suddenly appear. They may have been there all along but you just may have not been open to noticing them before.

This is why creating a vision board is so powerful. A vision board is a visual representation of your dreams made out of lots of pictures and words cut out (or done on a computer) then collaged together. It’s something you can look at every day and remind yourself of what you really want in your life.

This weekend I am running a Create Your Dreams workshop where we will be making vision boards. We will also be meditating on our dreams, practising yoga asana (poses) and deep relaxation with yoga nidra, which helps to send out your intention and also to notice any guidance from your intuition.

It is at Revitalise on Western Road, 2-5pm on Saturday and costs £25 if you book before the day. Please contact me directly to book – [email protected]

If you would like any help in creating your dreams I am also a life coach and have a powerful 6 month coaching programme to help you do just that. Again just get in touch if you’d like to find out more!