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Trust Yourself

peacefulmind10 years ago when I was entering the personal development world I explored what the concept of self confidence really meant. It was something I felt passionate about helping others grow within themselves, and still do. I came up with the conclusion it was the trust that you could deal with anything life throws you what ever the outcome.

This is something I have developed in my self through the ups and downs in my life and I’ve helped others strengthen within themselves through life coaching. Yoga helps with this too.

When we practice yoga it’s vital to listen to your body and trust what you hear. Trust yourself enough to slow down when your body feels tired. To do an alternative variation to a pose in a class when your body is in pain. To trust that one day you will be able to do a headstand/ arm balance (if you want to!) even if it feels like a long way off, patience and practice will prevail. Trust you have the strength within you. To trust that right now you are perfect whole and complete anyway.

Life can pull us in all directions, deep down we want one thing but our fearful mind or people close to us may try to put us off. Yoga helps us to centre, to go within, to connect with our inner stillness, our heart and to listen to what is really true for us. Even if it is a bit scary. Life doesn’t change if we stay in our comfort zone, we don’t grow if we stay put.

Trust yourself enough to put one baby step forward towards your dream. Trust yourself enough to know that it’s all part of the process of life and how ever it turns out it’s exactly as it’s meant to be. No matter how difficult, there’s always lessons to be learned.

Trust yourself enough to listen (and act on) to that nagging small voice when a situation or person doesn’t feel right. Trust yourself enough when something lights you up to just go for it.

Yoga has helped me to deepen and trust my intuition. Connecting to my body, paying attention to the different sensations it feels helps me to tell when something feels right or not. There’s been times in the past where for example in relationships I have had a flash insight that it’s not right, something’s wrong but I’ve gone ahead anyway not wanting to believe that to be true. Turns out it always was! Now when I feel a twinge in my body or a inner knowing about something, or someone, I trust it.

Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply and repeat an affirmation to yourself a few times. Something along the lines of….

“What ever happens I will be OK”

“What ever happens I can deal with it”

“I trust the process of life all I need is always taken care of”

“I listen to my inner voice and follow my heart”

“I trust myself”

If you feel drawn to having a yoga 1-1 with me I have an offer on at the moment for new clients. 2 sessions for £65, instead of £80. If you’d like to explore life coaching I am very happy to have a complimentary session with you to find out if it’s something you’d like to pursue.


Louise x



A Guided Meditation on the Beach

I love the beach first thing in the morning. When the sun is shining I go down there with a cup of tea and fill my self up with inspiration for the day ahead.  This morning whilst down there I record a guided meditation for you with the sound of the soothing waves in the back ground.

Listening to the waves helps to remind me of the ebb and flow of life, that it is constantly evolving. Nothing stays the same for long. Finding peace amongst the ripples in life is so beneficial for a healthy mind and body.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit and let’s meditate: