Monthly Archives: July 2015

Experience Faith Rather Than Understand

God, the universe, higher power, what ever you choose to believe ( if you do at all) can be very hard to understand with the brain.

Sure there are plenty of books to read, courses to go on and people to speak to. From my experience though its something that grows from with in. If you open up to it.

From the moment of being in an ashram in India where I had a strong sense that there was a God and decided to be open to exploring it, my journey has been from within.

It’s like something has taken over my heart and is leading me.

Of course I’ve read, chatted to others, church, and been on courses but the most powerful way I have found is to take it all and then listen within.

The choices I make are different, I’m kinder, more loving. I make healthy choices. I give more. I choose to meditate. I choose to go to church. I feel when something is right for me to follow.

I get an inner twinge when something doesn’t feel right to me, when I feel it doesn’t have a light energy around it. So I know to not go down that path.

I feel a nagging when I have done something that doesn’t serve me or others. In fact the number of times I do anything like this have significantly reduced which is also part of being guided to make loving choices.

I still get confronted by belief, how ever it’s from when I hear a talk or some one speaking about God that doesn’t feel right to me. It challenges me. I get angry. I feel let down. Then I return to that feeling of love inside and know that is all that matters. People have different interpretations, different ways of explaining things and sometimes it inspires and sometimes it attacks the ego. Often it’s when I am challenged that I learn even more. What ever, it doesn’t matter as we’re just humans, we all have our own ways to be in the world and this is something so much bigger.

So I guess I am just writing this to say, if you have a curiosity from within to explore faith just be open. Go with where your feelings lead you. Pray to be led, to draw closer and to learn and then just see where the journey takes you. It’s not immediate, as with life it will just flow over time with some ups and downs along the way!