A healthy sweet treat

IMG_4751I was eating Christmas cake at the weekend, I “accidentally” slipped a box of mince pies into my basket yesterday…..I hold my hands up I love Christmas treats! If I am not careful my healthy diet could go down hill from here. It’s time to bring out a healthy sweet treat – coconut bliss balls, to minimise the risk of eating mince pies every single day for the next 3 weeks. As yummy as they are it just won’t make me feel very good in the long run.

Coconut bliss balls are still sweet and they are still yummy, they are just good for you as well! Also depending on what you put in them they can be energy releasing too which can really help around this busy time.

I just made a batch, every time I make them I try out a different concoction but this one was particularly tasty:

1 bag of soaked dates – mixed up in a blender

a couple of spoons of almond butter (could be coconut oil/ cashew butter/ cacao butter any thing that will help them “set”)

a couple of handfuls of organic dried cranberries (other berries are nice too as are cacao nibs)

a couple of big spoons of raw cacao powder, and a bit of Infinity Foods energising blend powder too. (just a bit its quite powerful!)

desiccated coconut

linseeds (could put any seeds or nuts in)

I mixed it all together to create a paste that I could then roll into little balls. Which I then rolled in some coconut, then stuck in the fridge to chill and set.

Voila! Simple to make and delicious to eat.


Louise x