Bring Acceptance to Your Practice

heartsandOne of my favourite phrases I have learnt over the years is “what you resist persist”, it’s so true! The times when I have felt things just shouldn’t be this way, “it’s not fair”, I have felt completely wound up, tense and at unease.

A perfect example of this is with any form of illness or injury, the more you resist it and keep on going at the same pace the longer it tends to last for. In the moment of accepting there is something wrong and taking steps to do what feels good for you, to be caring to yourself is when you start to heal.

Acceptance is not giving in, being weak or being defeated. It is simply acknowledging what is, and from this place you can think wisely what to do next for your highest good.

As with any area of life yoga is the perfect place to practice acceptance, starting with your Self. As you move through each asana (pose) just notice where you are trying to force something, where you are beating yourself up for not being as bendy or strong as the person next to you.

In that moment tell yourself “I accept myself” and relax into the pose, focus on your breath and see where it takes you.

Yoga is not a competition, it’s an opportunity for you to connect with yourself and the higher consciousness. As in any area of life, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else in room is doing. You are here for your own unique purpose with your individual greatness that you bring to the world.