Bringing Yoga Into Everyday Life

India2012 016The wonder of Yoga is that it’s not just practising physical yoga poses on a mat, it’s a whole way of living your life.

What we learn during a yoga class can be taken into our everyday life.

This morning I experienced an example of this that I thought might be helpful to share with you.

Over the past few weeks I have had unusually busy weekends, most including work as well as fun 🙂 What this has led to is myself feeling exhausted on a Monday morning, which up until recently I hadn’t experienced since living a very different life up in London a few years ago.

When I got up this morning I felt frustrated by this tiredness. I wanted to go into Monday morning “doing mode” as my perceptions on Monday’s are that they should be “busy” being productive and getting stuff done. I know this is an aftermath habit from my old 9-6 working life in London. Monday’s are always busy day’s aren’t they?

I got on my mat, I connected to my breath, I held the poses for longer than usual and allowed my body to release tension and yield. Then it came to me. I can make my Monday’s how ever  choose to make them.

My life is simply a creation of my thoughts, I can choose my thoughts. I can choose my way of being. I can choose my perception of how things are.

Just as we can set an intention for our class, what we will focus on during that hour or so. We can do the same in life.

It’s our mind that creates fear and tension, but yoga teaches us that we are not our mind. The classic yoga story to explain this is the man and the rope; A man steps out into a dark street and steps on a rope. His mind immediately thinks its a snake and he has been bitten so he leaps around screaming. His friend comes out with a torch and shines a light on the rope, showing him the truth of what it really is.

Our mind can trick us. Our thoughts can create fears and tensions of what is not really there.

So I finished my practice. I had a long salt bath and went back to bed for a bit. Doing what I felt I needed to and letting go of those “need to be doing” thoughts filled me with inspiration anyway, and here I am enjoying writing this. It’s amazing how life rewards us for just doing what is good for us.