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Yoga for When You’ve Been Standing All Day Long

Last week I had a days work which required me to stand all day long, with just half an hour for lunch.  After 7 hours of standing my hamstrings, gluts and lower back had completely seized up! Thankfully from other experiences after work like this I knew what yoga poses would help, I got on my mat and my body was back to normal in no time.

If you have days when you stand a lot here are my top tips for yoga when you’ve been standing all day long to release those stiff muscles:

First things first – legs up against the wall pose/ viparita karani.

Sit close to a wall, with your right shoulder against it and then slide round so your legs are leaning up against the wall. Lying back you could place a cushion under your hips so they are higher than your head. Open your arms out to the side, palms up. Close your eyes, listen to some calming music and hold for about 20 mins. Allow the blood flowing in the opposite direction to release tension in your legs, to calm your mind and activate your parasympathetic nervous system (that’s the one where you feel relaxed). To come out bend your knees and slowly roll to the right had side, lie there for a bit before sitting up.

This may even be enough for you. If you’re feeling like you want some more:

Childs pose

Cat Cow slowly to warm up your spine, move mindfully as you might feel more stiff than normal after standing.

Downward facing dog. Peddle legs then hold stretching out the whole of the back of the body.

Step to front of mat and hang cupping elbows with hands, rag doll. Bend the knees, allow the tension to slip off your back. Then roll up to standing.

2 or 3 classic sun salutations, the ones with lunges.

Child pose.

Pigeon pose, come down to resting upper body/ head on the floor to really get into those tight gluts.

Butterfly pose to stretch the back.

Sphinx to get into the lower back.

Lie on back in Constructive Rest Position for 10 minutes or so, the longer the better to help the hips and lower back release. You could listen to a recorded Yoga Nidra to help you relax after a busy day.

Let that tension melt away.




Experience Faith Rather Than Understand

God, the universe, higher power, what ever you choose to believe ( if you do at all) can be very hard to understand with the brain.

Sure there are plenty of books to read, courses to go on and people to speak to. From my experience though its something that grows from with in. If you open up to it.

From the moment of being in an ashram in India where I had a strong sense that there was a God and decided to be open to exploring it, my journey has been from within.

It’s like something¬†has taken over my heart and is leading me.

Of course I’ve read, chatted to others, church, and been on courses but the most powerful way I have found is to take it all and then listen within.

The choices I make are different, I’m kinder, more loving. I make healthy choices. I give more. I choose to meditate. I choose to go to church. I feel when something is right for me to follow.

I get an inner twinge when something doesn’t feel right to me, when I feel it doesn’t have¬†a light energy around it. So I know to not go down that path.

I feel a nagging when I have done something that doesn’t serve me or others. In fact the number of times I do anything like this have significantly reduced which is also part of being guided to make loving choices.

I still get confronted by belief, how ever it’s from when I hear a talk or some one speaking about God that doesn’t feel right to me. It challenges me. I get angry. I feel let down. Then I return to that feeling of love inside and know that is all that matters. People have different interpretations, different ways of explaining things and sometimes it inspires and sometimes it attacks the ego. Often it’s when I am challenged that I learn even more. What ever, it doesn’t matter as we’re just humans, we all have our own ways to be in the world and this is something so much bigger.

So¬†I guess I am just writing this to say, if you have a curiosity from within to explore faith just be open. Go with where your feelings lead you. Pray to be led, to draw closer and to learn and then just see where the journey takes you. It’s not immediate, as with life it will just flow over time with some ups and downs along the way!



Trust Yourself

peacefulmind10 years ago when I was entering the personal development world I explored what the concept of self confidence really meant. It was something I felt passionate about helping others grow within themselves, and still do. I came up with the conclusion it was the trust that you could deal with anything life throws you what ever the outcome.

This is something I have developed in my self through the ups and downs in my life and I’ve helped others strengthen within themselves through life coaching. Yoga helps with this too.

When we practice yoga it’s vital to listen to your body and trust what you hear. Trust yourself enough to slow down when your body feels tired. To do an alternative variation to a¬†pose in a class when your body is in pain. To trust that one day you will be able to do a headstand/¬†arm balance¬†(if you want to!) even if it feels like a long way off, patience and practice will prevail. Trust you have the strength within you. To¬†trust that right now you are perfect whole and complete anyway.

Life can pull us in all directions, deep down we want one thing but our fearful mind or people close to¬†us¬†may try to put us off. Yoga helps us to centre, to go within, to connect with our inner stillness, our heart and to listen to what is really true for us. Even if it is a bit scary. Life doesn’t change if we stay in our comfort zone, we don’t grow if we stay put.

Trust yourself enough to put one baby step forward towards your dream. Trust yourself enough to know that it’s all part of the process of life and how ever it turns out it’s exactly as it’s meant to be. No matter how difficult, there’s always lessons to be learned.

Trust yourself enough to listen (and act on)¬†to that nagging small voice when a situation or person doesn’t feel right. Trust yourself enough when something lights you up to just go for it.

Yoga has helped me to deepen and trust my intuition. Connecting to my body, paying attention to the different sensations it feels helps me to tell when something feels right or not. There’s been times in the past where for example in relationships I have had a flash insight that it’s not right, something’s wrong but I’ve gone ahead anyway not wanting to believe that to be true. Turns out it always was! Now when I feel a twinge in my body or a inner knowing about something, or someone,¬†I trust it.

Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply and repeat an affirmation to yourself a few times. Something along the lines of….

“What ever happens I will be OK”

“What ever happens I can deal with it”

“I trust the process of life all I need is always taken care of”

“I listen to my inner voice and follow my heart”

“I trust myself”

If you feel drawn to having a yoga 1-1 with me I have an offer on at the moment for new clients. 2 sessions for ¬£65, instead of ¬£80. If you’d like to explore life coaching I am very happy to have a complimentary session with you to find out if it’s something you’d like to pursue.


Louise x



What to expect from a yoga class with me!


The yoga platform where we'll be practising during my retreat in Turkey, September.

The yoga platform where we’ll be practising during my retreat in Turkey, September.There are so many different yoga styles to choose between and then each teacher shares yoga in a way that is authentic to them so the variety of yoga available out there is immense.

There are so many different yoga styles to choose between and then each teacher shares yoga in a way that is authentic to them so the variety of yoga available out there is immense.

It’s so important to find a yoga teacher that you resonate with and I believe there’s a teacher (or a few) out there for all of us! ¬†I have been to many different yoga classes over the years and some have been fine, I’ve done my yoga practice feeling good but then others I’ve left feeling totally inspired, like I have learned something, at peace and simply floating home. ¬†This is mainly what I look for from a class, so I that’s also my intention for my students.

We all want different things from yoga though. So if you are looking for an energetic practice where you want your body to have had a good work out too then you may not find a very slow relaxing class enough for you. An ashtanga, hot or vinyasa flow class might be better for you rather than a restorative or hatha class for example.

(I have learnt through my own practice though that the opposite of what we usually would do can be the most helpful. I used to naturally sway towards the more challenging classes until I learned that actually it’s good for me to balance my energy out by doing a slow class )

Some teachers will teach yoga in a very anatomical way, or as a form of exercise, or more as a spiritual or relaxing practice. Again everyone is looking to get different things from yoga so it’s important to find the right teacher that fits the experience you are looking for.

So to help you decide if I would be the right teacher for you here’s a few things of what to expect from a yoga class with me.

  • I focus on you finding the right variation of each pose for you, moving how feels good to you. There will be certain specific instructions for alignment in poses I will give to make sure you are looking after your body but there will also be lots of choice and room to play around to make sure you feel comfortable in the pose.
  • In a group class I don’t make too many hands on adjustments unless I know the student likes me to or I see someone putting their body at risk. I make more verbal cues and adjustments so you can find your own way in the pose through my suggestions.
  • Grounding and mindfulness. One thing I love about yoga is that is that it helps you to get out of your mind chatter and into your body, this helps to ground you in the present moment and connect to the earth, which is a stable, secure feeling. ¬†So I often give you cues to bring your mind to your connecting to the earth and to focus on the moment right now.
  • I also love the opportunity to connect with the heart and your inner voice, so sometimes I do bring moments to do this into the practice.
  • I often have a theme for the class, an intention, something to focus on. For example being playful, acceptance, connecting with joy, being in the moment and so on. You don’t have to focus on it it’s just a suggestion. I find intentions in every day life really helpful to create a life I choose and I see yoga as a way to practice living with intention.
  • I am also a life coach so sometimes I bring in insights about life from that area of my work too.
  • I often do a reading while you are relaxing, a meditation or share some insight around yoga.
  • I make sure you have at least 5 minutes in savasana (lying down relaxing at the end) and I guide you through relaxing the body.
  • My flow classes involve graceful movement with the breath.
  • My hatha class is slower more static poses after we have done some sun salutations to warm the body.
  • My yoga for a peaceful mind involves breath work, meditation, yoga nidra (deep guided relaxation) and yin based poses all designed to help you relax and just be.
  • Beginners are welcome in all my classes.
  • I encourage you to listen to your body and rest when you need to or try a next level pose if that is right for you. In fact I celebrate when you do this as it means you are truly practising yoga.

So if you like the sound of this then please come give one of my classes a go! I do also offer 1-1’s if you wish to learn the basics or take your practice to a deeper level. I blend my yoga knowledge, reiki and life coaching in to make the 1-1’s a holistic experience.