Choose What Feels Good

216_25063350623_3198_nAs I am writing this I am preparing for my second Brighton yoga workshop in based on the Sacral Chakra. This is the energy centre that enables us to do what feels good for us, nurture ourselves and put our needs first. When this is flowing our creative and sexual expression is alive too.

A sign that your sacral chakra is blocked is when:

  • there are lots of should dos on your to do list
  • you are feeling stuck and risk adverse
  • you are blaming others for your unhappiness
  • you are suffering from guilt

Ultimately you are feeling drained, depressed and unable to get out of it.

Even though the common misconception is that to put your needs is being selfish, how much help are you to others when you are in a negative energy state like this? When you are doing something because you feel you should do rather than when you actually really want to you are not going to be giving off a very positive energy are you? People can pick up on this.

When you take care of your needs, do things that bring you joy and take¬†responsibility¬†for the things in your life you wish to change you’ll feel alive, nourished and fully able then to be able to help others from a place of love rather than duty.

Deepak Chopra teaches that the sacral chakra is linked with the universal law of least effort. Basically put this is that nature just flows with effortless ease, the flowers do not strain to open, the trees loose their leaves in winter then naturally start to bloom again in Spring, the tides eb and flow. There need be no force to make it happen.

When we try to force something to happen we just create tension, and are likely to push it even further away. When the energy through your sacral chakra is flowing you are feeling joy and have the energy to create what you wish for in your life.

Steps to enliven the law of least effort in your life are to;

  1. Practice acceptance, this doesn’t mean you have to like it but accept you are at where ever you are right now. Give up¬†resistance.
  2. Then take responsibility in the areas you wish to create change. Rather than blaming circumstances, yourself, other people look at what steps you can to create change and to feel good about the situation.
  3. Always choose the option of what feels good for you. Use how your body feels as a barometer. If you smile, get butterflies, get a warm glow, heart leaps, tingle with excitement, a rush of energy sweeps over you, you get goose bumps or even a sudden peace floods through you Р  these are generally some of the signs you are on the right path!

By looking after yourself and choosing joy, you will in turn be helping others. It’s the least selfish act you can do as when you are feeling good this creates a ripple effect with everyone you come into connect with.

My next workshop is on 4th May and will be based around the solar plexus chakra in our stomach. This is the energy centre where we fully¬†acknowledge¬†our unique talents and gifts for the world, which in turn gives us self confidence and personal power. The flip side of this is fear; fear of failure and being judged for showing the world who we truly are. To book your place on this next workshop please email me; [email protected]

Namaste x