doTERRA Essential Oils

In Spring 2018 I started to try out doTerra essential oils to help my hayfever. I didn’t want another summer taking nasal spray and antihistamines which just left me feelings drowsy and thirsty. I tried their recommended blend of lemon, lavender and peppermint oil and was amazing by how quick just drinking a drop of each in water worked. It even helped my pet allergies.

Since then I have been experimenting with the different oils, I use them for physical issues, emotional support and in my Yoga classes. Here are my favourites so far:

Peppermint – for allergies as above, clearing nasal congestion, to clear airwaves if feeling a bit asthmatic (their blend Air is good for this too), helping digestion and a energy boost. I like drinking a drop in water or smelling it on my hands.

Wild Orange – the oil of joy! This oil is just so beautiful an uplifting, I smell it when I need a lift, I diffuse it often in my classes and it’s nice in water too.

Clary Calm – this is a blend for women and it’s just perfect for period pains and any other form of stress, also wonderful for helping you sleep. I had a traumatic event last year and Clary Calm helped settle me when I couldn’t sleep and my mind kept reliving it.

Zengest – perfect for digestive issues.

Balance – as the name suggested perfect for feeling grounded and balanced, I use this a lot in classes.

Geranium – my favourite smell and it’s so lovely blended with orange. Geranium is also for balance.

Lavender – the queen of calm and the doTerra oil is the best I have even smelt.

Whisper – a lovely blend to use as a perfume

A drop of Frankincense, Oregano and Melaluca (tea tree oil) has stopped me from getting a virus when I have felt like I am coming down with something.

OnGuard blend has also protected me when I have been feeling like I might get something or people around me are ill.

If you are interested in trying the oils here is my doterra site.

Alternatively if you come to my classes or are local to Brighton or Worthing I can add what you’d like into my monthly order with them to save you postage. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask any questions. I have found the best way to get the oils and a discounted price (they are quite pricey as they are such high quality) is to sign up as a wholesale customer, I can help you with this if you’d like to do it.