Give Up Trying So Hard

Have you ever experienced when you let go, when you give up trying to get something, that very thing appears?

A few years ago I had gone through a tough year business wise, the recession had hit and I felt like I was a hamster in a wheel doing everything I could but with no results to show for it. I was exhausted, mentally and physically.

This is when I discovered yoga, I signed up for an introductory 10 day pass offer and went every day, I completely fell in love with it. From allowing myself to be fully in the present moment for an hour and a half each day I found I completely relaxed in all the other areas of my life.

I made a decision then to just do what I loved. To stop trying everything to make my business “work” and just do the things I found enjoyable. I let go, I relaxed and I started to have fun.

Amazingly, even though it felt like I was doing far less work than normal that year I made more than I had done before.

This was my first lesson in the spiritual law of least effort. Deepak Chopra explains that this law states that:

“nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease. If you look at the ebb and flow of the tides, the blossoming of the flowers or the movement of the stars, you do not see nature straining”

When we try to force anything to happen we often find ourselves pushing it further away from ourselves.

The law of least effort is crucial in your yoga practice, it’s the complete opposite to “no pain no gain”. If you try to force your body into a posture you are not ready for you will hurt yourself. Asana, the word for yoga pose, means comfortable seat. The idea is that you get into the pose as much as you can to then be able to be comfortably in it for as long as you wish. There is no room for any discomfort.

Forcing a pose will cause your body to tense up and this will create pain.

The key is to give up trying so hard, trust where you are at today is perfect and just do your best. That is all you need to do.