1-1 Breath Assessment

The Breath is a free resource that we have within us that can rid ourselves of much suffering.

Louise grew up with asthma from early childhood, which has led her to study the breath to be able to cure it and help others learn how to breathe well.

Breathing well can help to support many conditions; breathlessness/ asthma/ COPD, anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, digestive issues and many more.

We are never taught how to breath well in childhood and as a result grow up with unsupportive breathing patterns. When it goes wrong and we feel like we can’t get enough breath in, nothing freaks the brain out more.

Learning how to breath properly can help your energy levels, immune system, hormone balance, clarity of mind, sleep, sex drive and mood.

Now more than ever, in a Covid world, is breath important.

Louise, as well as being a Yoga teacher has studied the science of breath. Louise specialises in Help For Asthma, has taken training with Nadyne Mckie in Help for Covid/ Long Covid and offers general 1-1 Breath Assessments, where your natural breathing pattern will be assessed and suggestions give to support healthy breathing.

Please contact Louise at [email protected] for more info.