Reiki Healing

photo (51)“Louise is the best Reiki practitioner I’ve found in the UK since moving 7 years ago! It is so relaxing, yet rejuvenating and I skip home afterwards in a bubble of calm and warmth! I’m now going for regular monthly sessions and can’t wait for each one, as they are all so different in how we both feel during the sessions. I would thoroughly recommend Reiki and Louise” Sarah, Brighton

Reiki Healing in Worthing

Reiki is hands on healing for your physical, emotional and energetic body. Reiki, The Universal Life Force energy, is channelled to heal where ever your body needs it. A Reiki treatment is considered the equivalent to 3 hours sleep, as a result you are left with a feeling of deep relaxation.

Hands on healing is instinctive, we often will put our hands where a child has hurt themselves. When we feel pain our hands go to the area. During a treatment you might feel warmth, tingling or coldness as I place my hands on your different energy centres, your chakras. This is perfectly normal as just a sign that your body is drawing in the energy to heal yourself. You might even fall asleep, don’t worry this is normal and I am used to it! What ever you feel or do not feel you can be assured you are receiving the healing.

I can bring Sound Healing into the treatment as an additional way to provide deep rest and rebalance to the body. Sound can also be an wonderful amplifier of intention.

Although even one Reiki treatment can make a difference, it is usually best to have a course of regular treatments. To get the most benefit I recommend three treatments over 3 consecutive weeks and followed by once a month if necessary. Each treatment is between 45 minutes to 1 hour long. When I use sound healing too please allow up to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I am also attuned to Angelic Multidimensional Healing which means I channel Angels to heal you in which ever way you need. It’s very similar to Reiki and is a beautiful energy to work with.

I carry out Reiki in my home in Worthing and each session is £45. The healing can also be sent long distance so can be done in the comfort of your own home. To book in a session with me please contact me on; [email protected]/ 07779 150886

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