Got the winter lurgy? Listen to what you really need


I was planning to have a really relaxing Christmas time, a well deserved break after an amazingly busy year. Unsurprisingly it didn’t turn out that way, not really thinking I’d put so much in the diary to catch up with different friends and family, I didn’t actually have any time to stop. Despite feeling tired I kept going.

So I got ill. My body took control and forced me to stop.

Not without a fight. I still dragged myself out of bed to go up to London for New Years, determined not to miss my friends birthday. I was still planning to go on a retreat over the weekend too until I listened to what my body was pleading me to do. To just stop.

The moment I decided to stay at home and rest my body I felt a bit lifted. It was like my body was going ahhhh finally, some rest. Like that feeling when you call into work sick and suddenly feel a bit better! A sure sign I was doing what I really needed.

I was so disappointed to be missing the retreat I’d been so looking forward to, some yoga time just for me. Plus it had cost quite a lot of money.

I prioritised my health first though rather than money.

This was definitely a practice of acceptance, just being with how I was and letting all expectations go. Every time I thought about what I was missing out on or the money I had lost I felt wound up, frustrated, disappointed. Then I felt that gratitude from my body for resting.

So I decided to do my own little retreat at home. I turned off my phone, had a long bath, did a slow gentle yin practice, 2 lots of yoga nidra and read some inspiriing books.

It was just what I needed and now I am on the mend.

Even though I didn’t make the retreat in London I still had me time, I still connected with myself, I did what felt nourishing, I had space to think and just be. That’s all I needed. I feel inspired from this.

I am sharing this because it’s the time of year when lots of us get ill. I know how frustrating it is but it can be turned into something beautiful when you just listen to what you need. When you take care of yourself and don’t try to push on through.

I believe there is a lesson in everything, if you can find it, learn from it and be with it, then there’s your practice, there’s your yoga. It doesn’t always have to be on a mat.

Namaste & happy new year!

Louise xx