Practising Detachment

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Spending some time in Milford-on-Sea this week, my home town.

Quite simply when we are attached to something being a certain way we create fear and the potential to experience pain in our lives.

Our human mind, if not careful, will natural create ideas of how things should be & how our lives will be incomplete with out what ever it is we are attached to.

We place importance of things, that are external to us, going a certain way which are impossible to control. Life is constantly evolving, the only thing we can be certain of is change.

I am also a life coach and one thing I always make sure to stress to my clients are that goals must be flexible. A goal is great to have to give you a focus, to align your thoughts and actions towards what you want but there must be a degree of flexibility there as well. Often I find people end up achieving their goals in a completely different way to how they imagined at the start, and sometimes they completely change through out the life coaching process, What we start off thinking we want can turn into something that was  unimaginable at the start.

Another example is relationships, when we become attached to a relationship we are placing the other person higher than ourselves, it can be as if we wouldn’t survive with out them. This level of attachment places a huge pressure on a relationship and high expectation on the other person, which can in fact lead to pushing them away.

How does this relate to yoga?

As with everything yoga can show you how you are in life whilst you practice on your mat, it can help you to learn and practice new ways of being in an explorative manner. Attachment breeds rigidity, being attached to being in a pose in a certain way can lead to you forcing your body into something it’s not ready for. This will in turn lead to tension and tightness which is the opposite of what you are after in yoga.

When you let go, practice detachment, your body softens naturally into the pose and over time you will easily find yourself going deeper. Or maybe you wont, maybe you body is just not made for that particular pose, we all have areas that we are good at and some not so good. You might be amazing at back bends but really struggle to touch your toes, this is perfect. You are perfect, just as you are.

As you move through your practice notice where your mind goes, catch yourself thinking how “things should be”. Notice where you start to apply force.

Allow yourself to feel natural, do what feels good to you and just breathe in each pose. Allow it to evolve and flow over time.

Personally I have found my yoga practice over the years has really evolved through exploring different types of yoga and doing what feels good for me right now. Over the past year I have suffered with some back problems which has lead me to not be able to do the dynamic yoga I was enjoying and instead replace it with slower restorative yoga.

This has been a lesson itself as I have always liked to push myself physically but instead now I am focusing on nurturing myself. It has not been an easy lesson, resistance has naturally come up but this is the wonder of yoga……self awareness leads to self mastery in the end.

This week start to notice where you place your attachments? What has to be a certain way?

Then practice letting go. Trusting that where you are at right now is perfect and is all happening in perfect time.