The Power of Faith

create5Something that has evolved through my yoga practice is having faith in a power bigger than myself. For me this is God, for others it might be the universe, your higher power, love and so on. Ultimately I believe it all to be the same.

Having faith that I am being looked after, guided, and that what ever happens to me is always for my higher good has been transformational. I now daily hand my life over to God, I surrender, and trust what ever happens is as it’s meant to be.

I really experienced the power of faith recently when I completely lost my voice. I had a week to go before I was running a whole day workshop which of course would involve hours of speaking! I was in complete silence for 6 days, as the workshop approached my voice was a bit better but still strained so I had to get a back up teacher in place to come help if I needed her.

The day before the workshop I surrendered, I handed the day over to God’s will. I prayed. I asked for strength and a voice to be able to carry on with it as I was so looking forward to running it! It’s hard to explain but I felt God’s energy around me, I had an inner knowing that it would all be ok and just to trust.

I woke at 4am , excited about the day ahead and continued to pray. I again had thought from deep within that I should share about this experience, about my experience of coming to believe in God in my late 30s when I had resisted it all my life. I thought well if I am surrendering the day to him I could at least share how amazing he is!

As the workshop began I could feel my voice straining, inside my mind was panicking wondering how on earth it would last the day. Again I surrendered. I slowed down, I spoke a little quieter than usual and just trusted. I felt a peaceful energy all around me. Amazingly my voice lasted through out the whole day, I shared my story and at the end during the sound bath the vibrations from the gongs dislodged a lump from my throat. When I spoke at the end people remarked how noticeably clearer my voice was!

Faith has been a big part of my yoga journey. Yoga means union, it unites body, mind, breath and spirit. This has completely been my experience of it, which was the last thing I expected to happen after coming to it initially for a good stretch and to help calm my busy mind.

If faith is something you are feeling you’d like to explore I’d be really happy to chat about this with you further. I’ve had quite a few life coaching/ yoga 1-1 clients recently who I have been working with on their journey discovering what they believe in. I have learnt through my on going journey that once you are on the path of being open to it it’s amazing how something, an energy, seems to take over and guides you forward. I never force my beliefs on anyone, I think it’s important for you to discover your own.

My next full day workshop: A Journey Through the Chakras is at Unity Studios on 10th May and it will end again with a deeply healing gong bath, I have really noticed the shift in my voice and self expression since that last one which is a testimonial to how powerful they really are.

I am also running a 3 hour workshop focusing on the throat chakra (this was planned before I lost my voice but feels like perfect timing now!) on 21st March. Details of all  my workshops are on this page: yoga workshops


Louise x