No Time For Yoga?

yogaIs yoga something you’d love to do more of but just don’t have the time?

Would you love to commit to a daily practice but life just seems to take over?

When you are busy is yoga the first thing to get knocked off the to do list?

I completely understand.

I work for myself, there are a million and one things to do. I can experience the anxiety of cash flow and I have a never ending to do list of things to help bring in work more business. I could easily get up at 6 and work until late, but I don’t.

Yoga is my priority before I start each day. Whether it’s for 10 minutes or 2 hours I make time for it. In stressful times I could easily berate myself for wasting time on something “unproductive”  but actually I don’t really have times like that, because of the yoga I am doing regularly.

Yoga keeps me calm, in the present moment, clear headed and it actually helps me to be more productive. It gives me the clarity to know the best things for me to be working on, rather than wasting time trying to do anything and everything.

Yoga unlocks my creativity, in stillness ideas spring to mind,

Yoga alleviates any anxiety about money or where my business is heading. It helps me to trust everything is working out perfectly and to be with the constantly evolving nature of life.

Yoga connects me to my heart centre which helps me to be loving to myself rather than working myself into the ground and loving to everyone who crosses my path. This makes life much more enjoyable! It also helps me to listen to my heart, to hear the quiet voice guiding me forward.

Some times my yoga is just sitting still for fifteen minutes. I may read a passage from a mediation book (A Deep breath of Life by Alan Cohen is my current one)  and then consider that. I might just focus on my breath for the entire time.

I gave a few more suggestions in my blog post Honour The Start To Your Day.

Sometimes I might just do a few sun salutations and then drop down into child’s pose. I love child’s pose for withdrawing my focus inwards, slowing the mind and for the great stretch it gives my lower back and shoulders.

Sometimes I add on more poses to the sun salutations depending on what I am feeling that day; if I need to stretch certain areas, if I want to feel more energised, open hearted, calm, release emotions and so on. There is a posture for everything!

Sometimes I go to a class, I love the energy of a group class and allowing someone else to guide me through my practice for a change. I especially love the meditation, oms and Savasana together.

It doesn’t have to be at the start of the day, find a time that works for you. In the middle of your day it’s perfect for just bringing your mind back into the moment and taking a break from all the work you are doing. At the end of your day it’s a great way to switch off and acknowledge the day you have had.

Can you see why I prioritise yoga now? It has some many amazing benefits, and as an add on I am lighter and more toned than I have ever been before, but that is not why I do it.

If you feel that you could benefit from some or all of this see where you could fit a bit more yoga into your life, and then notice the shifts it creates in your day to day life.

…..and if you would like me to create a personal practice for you to do at home please do let me know!

Now I am off to my yoga class 🙂