Welcoming Autumn

photo (74)I wanted to write a post about welcoming Autumn but it does seems a little surreal as it’s another beautiful warm day outside! Never the less the equinox has passed and the new season is creeping in.

In ayurvedic terms Autumn, like Spring, has the characteristics of the vata (wind) dosha which can be experienced as creativity, enthusiasm, freedom, joy and vitality. It’s a time for new ideas and change, very much like that back to school feeling.

Too much vata can leave you feeling irritable, behaving erratically, fidgety and scattered.

It’s important to stay grounded during this time in order to be able to think clearly and act effectively to put in place all your new plans.

When you are practising yoga make sure to bring your awareness to your feet. Every now and then it’s good to close your eyes and feel your connection to the earth. Tree, Warrrior 1 and 2 and Tadasana (mountain) are great for this.

Make your sun salutations a bit slower than normal, paying attention to where your body touches the floor and as always really connecting to the movement of your body and breath.

Forward bends help to calm the mind, like uttanasana (standing forward bend), paschimottanasana and of course our favourite, childs pose.

Spinal twists remove excess vatta, air, from the nervous system. Hold them for at least 10 breaths on either side. It takes a while for the body to open into a twist, so in lying down and seated twists the longer you can be in the pose the better. Allow the breath to help you twist a little bit more on the exhale.

Root vegetables are perfect to eat around this time being in season and they help you to ground.

Even though energy is vatta don’t be surprised if you feel a little tired, like you want to go out a bit less. Summer is such a high energy and sociable season, once the nights start getting longer we naturally slow down a little…..getting ready for the winter months.

If you are experiencing this just acknowledge it within yourself and slow your yoga practice down a bit. Give yourself permission to rest. As always listen to your body, that is what yoga is all about. The goal is not to bend your self into the most challenging but to unite mind, body and spirit. You can do this simply by sitting still or lying on the floor breathing slowly and deeply, that’s still yoga!

I have always been a summer person and felt a bit sorry when it’s over but I am learning to enjoy the differences in seasons now through noticing the changes in my body and energy levels. I like the idea that each season has a different purpose, life force and that there is a time to rest (Winter), time to create change (Autumn/Spring) and time to just have a lot of fun (Summer) 🙂

Lots of love

Louise x