Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Louise has been running Yin Yoga Teacher Training’s (CPD courses) since 2018. She holds them at Revitalise in Brighton, at The Yoga Garden near Horsham and at Ashiyana in Goa.

“An immersion deep into the heart of Yin Yoga, delivered with amazing passion, knowledge, wisdom, kindness and love. Highly recommend, thank you!” Yin Yoga Student, February 2019

Yin Yoga Teacher Training (level 1) – Brighton     

Yin is becoming increasingly popular in the yoga world, as we are currently over dominate in Yang (dynamic/strong) yoga practice, and are realizing the need for its complementary Yin (slow/gentle) practice, and all the healing benefits Yin has to offer. Our Yin course will cover a variety of flows, understanding of fascia and its relationship to the Chinese medicine meridian system.

Louise Windsor, your Yoga tutor, has been teaching yoga since 2012. Yin is her passion, she teaches a weekly Yin class and monthly 3 hour Yin workshops. Her Yin teacher is Norman Blair, she has completed all of his courses, and has also studied with US teacher Sarah Powers, Bernie Clarke and Paul Grilley. She loves to continue learning for her own practice and to benefit her students. Louise is a Senior teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK), & ERYT CEP with Yoga Alliance US, which means she has taught over 4000 hours and is a continuing education provider.

The course will cover:
– Planning and teaching a variety of Yin Flows
– Understanding of the body’s fascia
– How to lesson plan a Yin yoga class
– Learn the fundamental Yin postures, modifications and their contra-indications
– Introduction to the Chinese meridian system
– How to lesson plan a Yin yoga class focusing on different Meridians
– The use of props to maximise comfort and relaxation of muscles and fascia
– Restorative poses, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation


Louise holds a beautiful and nurturing space, and really embodies the teaching she shares

The course was well structured and welcoming, the tutor was knowledgeable and very acceptant to everyone’s different energy and style”

“I had no doubt when I took one Yin class with Louise that I had found the person I wanted to learn more about Yin with. Her nature and knowledge is the very embodiment of her teaching” A Yin Student, Brighton

Certification and Accreditation:
– It gives Yoga Alliance registered teachers 35 CPD hours
– You will receive a certificate from Harmonise Training Academy, Yoga Alliance registered, upon successful completion of this course

Course pre-requisites:
200 hr Yoga teacher training if you would like to teach Yin Yoga after the course.

If you do not have a teaching certificate you can still do the course to deepen your knowledge of Yin Yoga and receive a certificate of attendance. You will not be able to teach it though until you have taken your YTT, we can swap your certificate if you go on to take a YTT course within 3 years.

Next Date:

19th to 22nd September 2024 at Revitalise, Brighton

Course Prices:

£480 early bird for first 6 sign ups. £528 after.

Held at:
Revitalise Brighton, 123a Western Rd, Hove, BN3 1DB

For more info  please contact Louise; [email protected]

Bookings are via the Harmonise Website

In October 2024 Louise will be running a Yin Level 2 course with anatomy expert Clare Francis and acupuncturist Anne-Marie Fouche. To read more please see Harmonise Website

Louise also runs her Yin Yoga Teacher Training course at the Yoga Garden Yurt near Horsham in West Sussex.

When it is a 4 day in a row course it can be done as a residential retreat as there are opportunities to camp onsite.

Her next course will be in 3rd – 6th May 2024.

To find out more see the Yoga Garden Website.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training/Immersion (50 hours CPD)  – Goa, India

with Louise and Tobie Tomkinson. December….

**Waiting to find out when we can run this again !**

Yin Yoga is becoming increasingly popular; perhaps as a reaction to the ever increasing busyness of life, fast moving technology, and other stressors, and it is a perfect balance to the more dynamic “Yang” Yoga practices. It is slow, meditative and mindful; a chance to press pause and soften into the moment. Most Yin poses are floor based, held between 1 and 20 minutes, and they allow us to explore the resistance points in our practice and all their influences; from muscles, soft tissue and neural networks, through the breath to the emotions, awareness and states of consciousness.

Given time we can ask – what is sensation and how can we release what may show up in the physical body as ‘stretch’, the mental body as perhaps pain and the emotional body as a myriad of other things?

Whilst we will dive into the world of muscles, fascia, myofascial chains and other connective tissues, this is far more than just a physical practice. It is a chance to deeply explore one of the fundamental philosophical concepts of Yoga – the Koshas.

Due to the slower pace of the practice and its historical evolution we can also more easily focus our attention to the Traditional Chinese Meridian Lines – exploring sequences that target the physical, emotional and energetic benefits of these in correlation with the daoist elements.
Teaching Yin is a lovely opportunity if you wish to help others to explore their Koshas, guiding them to their own inner stillness. This practice also creates more space for you to share philosophies, meditations, stories, poems and other loves from your life.

As always at Ashiyana we will share and explore tools and experiences whilst encouraging you to find your own voice/style and to share from your heart.


Practice and learn 25 key Yin poses, how to teach them, including modifications and their contra-indications

Practice and learn 6 Yin Flows focusing on different Meridians and parts of the body

The body’s muscular, fascial and myo-fascial meridian systems

Anatomy related to Yoga, including but not exclusive to:
Range of Motion – Osteo-morphology, tension & compression
Resistance points: Neural / structural / mental / emotional
Kinetic Chains
The Therapeutic Edge
Pain relief and catharsis

How to plan and theme a Yin yoga class using Breath, Meditations, Meridians

Introduction to the Chinese meridian system with an experienced acupuncturist

Meditation and Pranayama

The use of props to maximise comfort and relaxation of muscles and fascia

Restorative poses, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation

Morning Yin/ Yang sessions for your personal practice and develop a variety of ideas for your own classes

Teaching Practice

Assessment and class delivery feedback

After the training you will receive either a 50 hour CPD certificate (Yoga Alliance) or attendance certificate if you are a Yoga teacher already, or a certificate of attendance if you are taking the course simply to immerse yourself in the Yin practice.

2021 dates TBC

Click here to find out more: Ashiyana Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Testimonials for Louise’s Yin Courses:

“This is a beautifully accessible course. Clear and concise, warm and welcoming. I will be taking so much of Louise’s knowledge to my Yin classes and personal practice”

“An excellent introduction to teaching Yin Yoga that enables you to feel confident to plan and deliver classes/ workshops”

Louise has a wonderful calm energy about her with a very relaxed
teaching style, leaving plenty of time for her students to engage and
feel heard. I find her to be a very open, friendly and caring teacher
who knows her stuff and doesn’t feel she has to have all the answers. I
agree that Yin is best learned by experiencing and we did just that
with the entire range of poses. Lots of useful tips to help us along with
an easy to read manual. I enjoyed the introduction of basic
acupressure as part of the practice. Sunny Peta Yoga – Eastbourne

“Louise is very knowledgeable, I was impressed by her teachings, she is also open to sharing tips and ideas. Always smiling and listening and patient”

“An essential for all dynamic yoga teachers to truly experience how to bring balance into their practice, style and teaching”

“the best yoga teacher training I have done, I highly recommend it”

“Louise is a delightful teacher, friendly, warm and shares her knowledge in a clear, fun and amusing way”

“Louise is a true Yin professional. it was a honour training with her”

“Louise provides a very thorough foundation in Yin Yoga for experienced practitioners and teachers alike”

“Louise is a wonderful, passionate teacher of Yin Yoga. She has a wealth of knowledge which she explains and breaks down perfectly”

“Louise is warm attentive knowledgeable, humorous, kind and nurturing.”

“I had no doubt when I took one Yin class with Louise that I had found the person I wanted to learn more about Yin with. Her nature and knowledge is the very embodiment of her teaching”

“Highly recommend Yin TT Level 1 with Louise! Perfect blend of learning, exploration and accreditation”

“I had a wonderful time on the Yin Yoga TT, fully immersed in Yin most of the time with Louise, who was a very knowledgeable and sympathetic teacher”

“Louise holds a beautiful nurturing space and really embodies the teaching she shares”

“The course I attended was well structured and welcoming. Louise was knowledgeable and very accepting to everyone’s different energy and style”

“Louise’s Yin teacher Training course was a wonderful shared experience for me, thanks to Louise’s warm approachability and the fantastic people I met, what a week!”